Latest News Up and coming Robotics and Autonomous Systems events every technologist should have on their radar.

July 6th 2015

In a market that’s stepping into its stride – it can be hard to look for inspiration and rub shoulders with the right people. Well, as the saying goes “it doesn’t rain, it pours” with two UK robotics showcase exhibitions taking place in quick succession this September.

Up and coming Robotics and Autonomous Systems events every technologist should have on their radar.

The events follow a steady stream of activity leading on from the recent publication of the “UK strategy for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS)2020”. Identified by the UK Government as one of the “Eight Great Technologies” that will play a key role in UK growth activity, RAS stakeholders should take note of the Northern Robotics Network (NRN) launch event and the TAROS Conference and Industry Exhibition.

Northern Robotics and Autonomous Systems is first out of the blocks on the 4th September – celebrating with a high profile showcase event at MediacityUK, Salford Quays, Greater Manchester. Positioned to promote the capabilities of its members to an audience from industry, academia, media and government, the event is held in conjunction with the Growing Autonomous Mission Management Applications (GAMMA) programme. Demonstrating the great potential that the Northern Powerhouse has to offer, the event will identify ways in which the northern RAS community can help drive the future of robotics in the UK; Through world class research, cutting edge companies and innovative application.

This is a great and up until now rare, opportunity for UK inventors, investors and potential Tharsus customers to sit down together and discuss the pioneering advancements of Robotics and Autonomous Systems applications in a high profile setting.

For further details about the Northern Robotics Network and the event please contact



Less than a week later, the 16th annual TAROS Conference and Industry Exhibition opens its doors. With a primary focus on the latest developments within Robotics and Autonomous Systems, the event will include demonstrations ranging from large cutting-edge robotic systems, 3D immersive simulations and public engagement activities.

Taking place in Liverpool at the heart of its knowledge quarter between the 8th – 10th of September TAROS expects to attract a large number of senior decision makers, users from across industry, enabling organisations (like Tharsus), researchers and academics.

TAROS has the benefits of being a long established conference and includes presentations by speakers from around the world backed up by a theoretical and technical day designed to bring together the biggest and brightest minds currently working in robotics research.

Spanning robotics activity from across the globe, special areas of interest at this event are:

  • Advanced applications of autonomous robots and applications development;
  • Autonomous assembly robotics, autonomous vehicles, service robotics;
  • Advanced materials, hardware issues, devices, techniques, advanced sensors and actuators;
  • Safety, certification, verification and validation of robotic applications;
  • Advanced medical robotics, robots for surgery, assistive robotics; and
  • Human-robot interaction, trust, confidence, and user interfaces.


If you’re interested in attending the event please register using the link to registrations on the following page

As well as being a perfect opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals in the robotics arena, Tharsus will be showcasing our specialist capabilities, knowledge and experience at the event. If you’re actively innovating in this space or looking to commercialise a new product or service offering, come along and visit Booth 9 to discover why we are the strongest collaborative partner a robotics technology organisation can have.

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