Latest News The Monday Interview with Brian Palmer

January 21st 2014

Brian Palmer is not just an engineer. He is a mechanical engineer at heart. And therein lies the difference. Aranda Rahbarkhoui talks to the Tharsus Group CEO about his rise to the top.

The Monday Interview with Brian Palmer

What makes Brian Palmer tick are machines, materials and manufacturing. Growing up, he was more of a fiddler with objects, a builder of things, discovering exactly how things worked. Sitting down to talk to him at Tharsus Engineering’s head office in Blyth, Northumberland, he’s quite ready to discuss his passion for the industry. Circuitry and currents were never on his wavelength. Electrical engineering never gave him the same thrill as real world physics and calculations.

“For whatever reason, I’ve never doubted that mechanical engineering was the right thing for me to do. I always wanted to be an engineer. Mechanical systems are at the heart of most machinery and I’m very good at seeing mechanisms and looking into how things work. The thing with electricity is that you can’t see it, so I struggle with it. I don’t have the same feel for electrical systems and I think that’s where true engineering is quite vocational. You either have a feel for something or you don’t.”


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