Latest News The 7 Things we know about the future of technology.

July 9th 2015

Ever wonder what the future for tech has in store for us? The TechCityNews FutureTech panel held an open forum event at London tech week where they covered everything from robotics to the Internet of things… and beyond.

The 7 Things we know about the future of technology.

The Panel Consisted of industry experts, including the likes of CEO and founder of Asset Mapping, Bill Clee; Founder and CEO of Andiamo, Naveed Parvez; CEO of Insane Logic, Zoe Peden; and Chris Holder Partner at Bristows LLP.

The Seven topics discussed in detail were as follows:

  • We shouldn’t fear the growth of robotics.
  • 3D printing will fundamentally change manufacturing…
  • There is a lot of work to do on the regulation of emerging technology.
  • We need to work out who is actually ‘driving’ in driverless cars.
  • Buildings will think for themselves.
  • The Internet is about to get a whole lot bigger.
  • Everything will have normal names.

To read the article by Tom Keen, please visit TechCityNews.

Alternatively you can watch the hour-long video discussion here…

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