Latest News Tharsus supplies Biofresh with new advanced Smartpallet

December 2nd 2010

Biofresh a Newcastle University spin-out business approached Tharsus to improve their “smart pallet” an innovative product that extends the storage life of perishable foodstuffs throughout the supply chain by emitting ozone.

Tharsus supplies Biofresh with new advanced Smartpallet

Tharsus engineered out cost while adding to durability and functionality.  Delivering a superior product with significantly reduced through life costs.

The key elements of the Tharsus solution is the modular construction allowing for quick and easy configuration and replacement of damaged components.  Ruggedness was greatly improved, for example the plastic pallet will resist “forklift abuse” far better than a steel unit and can be quickly and easily replaced in the event of damage.

Jeremy Barraclough operations manager of Biofresh said “As well as being more robust and having a significantly reduced cost of ownership, the Tharsus developed product is also a much more professional looking product which Biofresh can be proud of.”

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