Latest News Tharsus reinvents itself as an all-in-one success.

April 25th 2014

North East manufacturer Tharsus has increased turnover fourfold to more than £11m since 2010 by abandoning its traditional “metal bashing” business model in favour of a radical one-stop-shop manufacturing strategy.

Tharsus reinvents itself as an all-in-one success.

“The manufacturing industry has changed drastically in the 50 years we’ve been in business,” said CEO Brian Palmer. “We had to change or die.”

Mr Palmer reinvented the sheet metal fabrication business as an end-to-end manufacturer, designing and making products for clients from car giants to advertising companies. They outsource to Tharsus, which manages every link of the supply chain right up to distribution.

“In the old days, if you had a product idea, you would have to find a design house, then find someone to do the testing and certification, then find a factory to do the manufacturing,” explained Mr Palmer. “Under our model, these firms just come straight to us.”

Tharsus’ one-stop shop model has proved popular both at home and abroad.   Read More……….

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