Latest News Tharsus top manufacturing company for turnover in North East

March 6th 2018

We’re proud to have been named as the region’s top performing manufacturer for turnover by Insider. The result was announced as part of their Manufacturing Growth Network (MGN) update officially released yesterday.

Tharsus top manufacturing company for turnover in North East

Insider is the UK’s most successful B2B media organisation, publishing five different regional magazines which are read by over 200,000 subscribers. They have published the second edition of MGN which identifies the top performing North East manufacturers for the last quarter (Q4 2017).

Tables are created detailing the results for manufacturing in four key areas: turnover, productivity, exports and apprenticeships. They have been independently compiled by EY from data sent in by MGN members from across the region. In addition to taking the number one spot on turnover Tharsus also appears in the top 10 for both exports (fourth) and productivity (sixth).

The result comes after a recent period of significant growth for Tharsus. Last year we turned over more than £23m and current forecasts are that we will exceed £30m by the end of 2018.

Our unique business model Original Equipment Design and Manufacture (OEDM) is a big part of our continuing success. We collaborate on the product development, certify it, establish the supply chain and manufacture it. The customer owns the product; we just deliver it. An example of how this works is our partnership with online grocery retailer Ocado; we supply robotics for the warehouse automation project but this doesn’t preclude us from working with another grocery brand on a non-competing product.

Our Chief Executive Brian Palmer has been interviewed for the announcement. He said:

“We’re an emerging business in an emerging market and there is a lot more to come from the business in the next few years. We are developing strategic cascades through the business and although things are bound to change we know where we want to get to. We’re evolving in an evolving market and we’re beginning to really hit our stride now. There are real opportunities out there for us and we’re in a great position to take advantage of them.”

You can read the full interview here. Well done everyone on this fantastic result!

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