Latest News Tharsus join with London Cleantech Cluster for OEDM Special Interest Group.

June 26th 2014

Later today, Tharsus are launching a Special Interest Group in conjunction with London Cleantech Cluster.

Tharsus join with London Cleantech Cluster for OEDM Special Interest Group.

The Original Equipment Design & Manufacture Special Interest Group or  OEDM SIG will be led by Tharsus over three events, the first of which will be held this evening (26th June) at The Design Council headquarters in London with over fifty companies expected to participate.

The group aim to raise awareness of the OEDM model and discuss the various advantages of the process with stakeholders companies involved in any part of the process of bringing products to market.

In summary, the OEDM model co-ordinates the whole product design and delivery process, identifying and engaging with the supply chain, providing a totally integrated, in-house manufacturing process where the design team and manufacturing have direct lines of communication and a shared understanding and knowledge.

For cleantech companies which have a product that requires engineering and manufacturing, OEDM can provide a real advantage versus traditional product development methods in terms of end product performance, project cost and time to market.

This event, kindly hosted and supported by The Design Council, will introduce OEDM and set out the significant opportunities that it provides to manufacturers, designers, cleantech companies and others in the OEM supply chain.

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