Latest News Tharsus’ Dave Swan speaks at Rise & Design robotics event

May 10th 2018

Our Chief Technical Officer Dave Swan will be speaking at Design Network North’s event tomorrow.

Tharsus’ Dave Swan speaks at Rise & Design robotics event

Rise & Design: Robotics and Their Applications, takes place on Friday, 11 May, at the Northern Design Centre in Abbott’s Hill, Gateshead. Starting at 8.30am and due to conclude around 12.30pm, attendance is free to registered individuals.

Dave has been invited to present at the one day symposium which is dedicated to the rapid rise of robotic technologies. All the speakers are individuals who spend their lives working with robots and identifying ways that the new technology can complete tasks faster, easier and more efficiently than humans can alone.

Dave will be sharing our experiences of helping customers achieve their ambitious aims of full automation including our work with a leading online grocery retailer, creating a swarm of robots for their revolutionary grocery handling system.

He is hoping to encourage other users and potential users to think logically about what they are aiming to achieve from the very first stage of their project, saying;

“Robotics offers some very interesting and valuable opportunities but it is essential that you are clear why you are considering it before you start.”

If you would like to attend Dave’s talk and register to attend the event you can do so here.

Dave has also been interviewed about Tharsus’ scale up journey for the North East Growth Hub recently. If you’d like to read what he had to say, you can find out more here.

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