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June 17th 2015

Blyth-based Original Equipment Design and Manufacture (OEDM) company, Tharsus Group celebrated a hat trick of wins as it was recognised for its contribution to clean technology innovation at the prestigious Rushlight Awards.

Tharsus Clean up at Green Innovation Award

The company, which builds complex electro-mechanical and cleantech products for customers, received accolades for its Ekko Glass Crusher and Weedingtech MW-Series products at Rushlight’s eighth annual award ceremony.

Tharsus Group is a leading exponent of OEDM, a form of outsourcing partnership which brings together product design, management and manufacture into one, integrated process.

Weedingtech MW-Series, the winner of both the Responsible Product and the Sustainability Initiative award, is a new weed control system for the amenity market, which can be placed on a variety of vehicles in order to deliver precise targeted applications of non-hazardous Foamstream, for biocide free weed control.

The Ekko Glass Crusher, which won the Resource Management category, allows pubs, bars and restaurants to crush bottles on site, reducing the volume of waste by up to 80% resulting in fewer refuse uplifts, significantly lower transport costs and dramatically reduced CO2 emissions.

The Rushlight Awards are a celebration and a promotion of new technology, innovation and best practice across the environment designed to highlight innovation, initiatives and the holistic environmental benefit of technologies.

Brian Palmer, Chief Executive at Tharsus Group, said: “To receive three accolades at such a well-respected award ceremony is a great achievement for Tharsus and its partners. It speaks volumes for the OEDM concept, which has been key to the success of these cleantech products.”

Brian Williamson, Managing Director at Ekko, said: “For our equipment to be recognised by the Rushlight Awards judges and to win the Resource Management Award 2014-15 is great achievement and of which we are immensely proud!”

Tom Hamilton, Business Development Manager at Weedingtech, said: “We are thrilled to share this Green Innovation Award with our exceptional manufacturing partner Tharsus. We trust that this is the first of many momentous milestones, as together we continue to work towards the realisation of a herbicide-free environment.”

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