Latest News New tech lives or dies by its commercial strategy

January 16th 2019

While clarity of commercial strategy is a given in a new business venture, it is often forgotten in ventures into new technology. And this is lethal says Brian Palmer, CEO of Tharsus.


New tech lives or dies by its commercial strategy

Brian Palmer and his colleagues at Tharsus have collaborated with lots of partners to make lots of ideas a reality. The team has created commercially successful products across many sectors, from retail to automotive. The key to success in each case has been strategic commercial focus from the outset.

Core to this is understanding the product ‘needs’. What does the product need to do for the business to resolve the problem or make the most of the opportunity that has been identified? How does it make a commercial difference?

People can easily confuse what they want their product to do with what it needs to do, which can ultimately make the list of features unmanageable and the resulting product a failure. At Tharsus we are always aware of the need to retain focus and we challenge our partners to identify the product needs, which provides us with a clear specification to move efficiently and effectively through the technology strategy phase and on to design.

This clear, agreed image of ‘what good looks like’ makes for a better end result and guards against incurring unexpected costs or delays. It’s how we’ve successfully delivered on challenging projects time and time again.

Our approach to product design and manufacture makes us the perfect partner for the influx of new product owners in need of guidance on their journey into automated solutions.

If you have an idea and are looking to enter the world of Advanced Machines and Robots (AMRs) we want to be your partner. Talk to us today.

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