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In today’s emerging markets, new technologies and innovations present as many challenges as opportunities.

Our tenacious engineers and award winning facilities can help solve technical, engineering, and manufacturing challenges to improve quality, achieve strict price points and keep your product on the right path.

Choosing our OEDM platform as your product’s route to realisation early-on can make all the difference, it allows us to ingrain feasibility driven processes from the start of the product development cycle, enabling us to uncover and solve technical pain-points that have the potential to escalate exponentially and derail your product later on down the line.

Our engineers provide design, technical and manufacturing expertise to help solve your challenges by identifying and understanding risks, whilst increasing their technical knowledge around your products intended market. With access to our qualified technology know-how, scalable manufacturing facilities and diligent production teams, you can be self-assured our solutions are designed to meet your needs at every stage along the journey.

Solve a technical problem With deep engineering experience and an agile approach to early stage product design and development, Tharsus uses its unrivalled resources, technologies, knowledge and services to engineer our customer’s products with commercial considerations at their very core.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

Product Development Product Management Product Manufacture Whether you’ve never taken a product to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience Tharsus can help!

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