Commercial Robotics Journey

Commercial Robotics Journey

We help ambitious and forward thinking businesses navigate the path of commercial robotics.

The risk and cost of producing autonomous robotics can sometimes seem overwhelming.

  • Is the market ready for this level of innovation, and are they going to pay for it?
  • Are our business processes and workforce ready?
  • How long will it be before we’re going to see any commercial return, Weeks/months/years?

These concerns are all valid, and the good news is; you don’t have to figure them out on your own, as they sit at the heart of Tharsus’ approach to helping our partners navigate the path to delivering commercially optimized robotics.

To get robotics into use to increase productivity or enable new lines of business, it’s important that they’re created in a way that generates commercial payback and market understanding from day one.

This is the basis of our approach which is centered around sharing a vision in the first instance that can be distilled down into a series of machines to exploit, learn from and master along the journey to realizing the optimum robotic solution.


Our journey always starts by supporting our partners to define a minimal viable product which can be designed and deployed in the shortest possible time and offer true payback. These first machines are likely to work collaboratively with humans to significantly increase their productivity. They’ll also provide a platform to figure out the most appropriate next step and learn all the things we didn’t know about the product’s use case or intended market.

Once a minimal viable product platform has been delivered and is paying back, the next iterations can be developed and deployed with increasing layers of autonomy and technical capability such that each derivative machine can take on additional complex tasks. The development time, risk and cost associated with each successive machine can be drastically reduced by leveraging the shared assets and understanding established by its predecessor (components, know-how, processes, market knowledge and supplier relationships).

Whilst every Autonomous robotic product will inevitably follow a unique path towards it’s commercially optimized destination, by taking our route, businesses can navigate their way to deploying fully autonomous robotics which are tailor-made for their use-case and which provide commercial advantage at each stage.

If you’d like to talk to us about how robots can transform your business, get in touch with our Robotics and Autonomous Systems Market Lead John Hannah by emailing

Tharsus are one of Europe's fastest growing technology businesses (and the UK’s biggest producer of service robots), helping innovative start-ups and FTSE 500's take advantage of emerging robotics and machine technologies to disrupt, lead and grow their markets.

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