Tharsus guides global companies and technology start-ups to develop and manufacture bespoke service robotic products.

Robotics is complex, we make it simple. We deliver commercially optimised service-enabling robotic hardware, today.

In our world, a robot is a complex electro-mechanical machine with an appropriate level of autonomy that delivers commercial value.

The unbounded reach and strategic importance of robotics has made every business open to both global threat and global opportunity. Today, Robotics and autonomous systems are receiving a lot of attention from Investors, media, boardrooms and shareholders for various reasons;

  • An aging workforce
  • Languishing UK productivity levels at peak employment.
  • Impending Economic impact of Brexit – fleeting cheap labour.
  • Workforce’s Reluctance to undertake dull, dangerous and dirty work.

Robotics certainly provide some of the most compelling solutions to these current industrial and economic challenges. However, the enabling technologies that underpin them are still a few years out in their technical feasibility and/or commercial viability.

Tharsus bring the future world of robotics one step closer for our partners by leveraging all of the resources needed to commercialise the optimum robotic solution that’s right for their business.

For ambitious and forward-thinking companies, robotics opens up new possibilities for efficiency and the creation of totally new business models.

We partner with progressive business leaders to imagine, define and produce commercially optimised robotic solutions that redefine the economics of applications and services.

It can sometimes feel like the future is here (through the conceptualisation and extensive marketing of various moon-shot robotic projects) … but we’re really only at the precipice. Currently, Human capability still surpasses that of even the most sophisticated robotic technology – Making the most efficient robotic machines – those that support humans in becoming more productive, not those positioned to replace them completely… At least for now.

The key to unlocking our customer’s visions of a fully autonomous robot, lies in our ability to successfully navigate the journey from a minimal viable product (today) to a commercially optimised autonomous robot (in the not so distant future).

This requires an iterative approach, very similar to that adopted when creating new products in new markets. And we’re masters of it!

If you’d like to talk to us about how robots can transform your business, contact us for more information: 

Tharsus are one of Europe's fastest growing technology businesses (and the UK’s biggest producer of service robots), helping innovative start-ups and FTSE 500's take advantage of emerging robotics and machine technologies to disrupt, lead and grow their markets.

Product Development Product Management Product Manufacture Ocado case study Tharsus is a robotics powerhouse. We’ve brought together the technical wizardry needed for breakthrough thinking and the production capability to manufacture to your needs, all in one company.

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