Latest News Product Manufacturer Tharsus Vision Launches New “SELECTbox” for its Outdoor Advertising Range

June 10th 2010

Outdoor advertising manufacturer Tharsus Vision has just developed a pioneering new advertising light box. The “SELECTbox“, with gas door struts, toughened glass and double locking, is already in place on the Italian railways. It offers customers a low capital cost, flexible modular design and reduced through-life costs.

Product Manufacturer Tharsus Vision Launches New “SELECTbox” for its Outdoor Advertising Range

Tharsus Vision has manufactured advertising displays for many of the world’s largest media companies. With the outdoor advertising industry forecast to grow, the company’s innovative approach puts it in a strong position to continue to succeed over the coming years.


With many of the team having extensive experience in the automotive and consumer goods industries,  Tharsus Vision was determined to look at new ways of satisfying the needs of the Out-Of-Home advertising industry.


The team started by identifying the most important needs of the customers.  They required a low capital cost, yet the product still needed to portray a unique corporate identity and offer reduced ongoing through-life costs.

In order to meet these seemingly conflicting goals, Tharsus Vision’s principles of ‘mass customisation’ and modular design has achieved both a competitive capital outlay and a customer specific product look and feel. The team targeted through-life costs by reducing repair and maintenance costs. The new product is also extremely energy efficient.

The result is “SELECTbox”

Tharsus has achieved its goal with a truly novel and lean design concept that demonstrates the company’s core capabilities. From initial design through to sourcing strategy, including the assembly and despatch process, “SELECTbox” offers value, flexibility and service.

The basic building blocks are sourced in the most competitive regions, yet individual units can be tailor-made at the last minute to provide a unique product for any individual customer. The unit can be repaired in-situ, and glazing is replaceable by two men on site.

A range of energy-efficient lighting options are available, so the customer can balance capital and ongoing costs as required.

“SELECTbox” also has clearly defined upgrade paths to ensure it meets customer needs throughout its life, avoiding obsolescence and maximising the return on capital investment.

Tharsus firmly believes the “SELECTbox” range responds to the current times, where capital funds are restricted yet customers are pushing for rapid differentiation in a very competitive marketplace.

About Tharsus Vision

We work with many of the world’s largest media companies to help them achieve their sales and branding goals, by consistently providing cost effective and innovative advertising light box signs and displays.

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