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Robotics and Autonomous Systems Market Lead

Since joining Tharsus in 2012 I’ve adopted a jack of all trades profile, starting out as a Product Design Engineer I was embedded in the technical team – poised to create products from initial ideation right through to manufacturing fulfillment. This position helped develop my objective, customer centric and knowledge-based approach to product development.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to be at the forefront of the business, contributing to the shaping of the business strategy, branding and vision moving forward – and the development of this swanky new website.

In my spare time I like to keep up my stereotype and put my hand to doing up my house – this usually means I come into work on Monday mornings covered in some sort of building composite/ paint. I love staying fit and healthy going to the gym on my way home, and often catch myself looking at pictures of my dog at lunch time to keep up morale.

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