Latest News Old guard welcomes future generation of employees

September 24th 2014

Long serving members of staff at Tharsus Group have welcomed four new apprentices from across South Northumberland, to the Blyth-based Original Equipment Design and Manufacturer.

Old guard welcomes future generation of employees

The apprentices, Connor Little, Liam Taylor, Daniel Rolls, and Callum Riches, will be training for mechanical engineering, fabrication and welding, electrical, and mechanical roles respectively.

The group will spend four years completing their apprenticeships before moving into full-time employment with the company. Tharsus will continue to invest in its apprenticeships programme and expect to take on a further three apprentices in the coming months, which will bring the total number of apprentices at the company to 15.

As part of their apprenticeship the young people will work alongside the more experienced members of staff, who will pass on knowledge and mentor them throughout their time as apprentices.

Tharsus, which employs 170 people, manufactures a diverse portfolio of complete electro-mechanical products and metalwork components for customers ranging from global corporations to start-up enterprises.

Mike Hutchinson, Manufacturing Director at Tharsus Group, said: “It is extremely important for companies to invest in their future workforce in order to ensure there is a sufficient supply of skilled individuals.


“With the help of our more experienced members of staff these apprentices will go on to become integral members of the team and help bridge the widening skills gap faced by industry.”


Dave Graves, Production Supervisor at Tharsus Group, said: “It’s great to welcome the next generation of employees to the company and look forward to passing on the knowledge I have gained during my 30 plus years at Tharsus.“

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