Latest News Tharsus Develops New “Iconic” Product for BF Technology

October 1st 2009

Global contract manufacturer Tharsus Group is currently completing a successful manufacturing outsourcing project for digital signage company BF Technology. The innovative “Iconic ” unit, with a 67″ advertising screen and touch screen way finding unit, meets stringent British Standards, and is being rolled out to shopping centres across the UK.

Tharsus Develops New “Iconic” Product for BF Technology

The project comes at a time when British manufacturing is showing signs of growth. However, Tharsus has continued to make advancements in all areas of design and manufacturing during the recession. It knows how to take advantage of national and global product opportunities, and the “Iconic” product is just one example of a project efficiently managed from start to finish.

Project Background

BF Technology gave Tharsus a desired drawing of the product that outlined the requirements, specifications and overall look of the product. Although the appearance of this design was aesthetically pleasing, Tharsus quickly identified it would not meet British Standards for “crowd loading”. Any structure that is placed in a public location must withstand a horizontal loading, to ensure it will not collapse if the building needs to be evacuated in an emergency. Work also had to be carried out on air flow within the “Iconic” unit, to ensure the electronic control units were kept cool at all times. The product needed to be safe and reliable.

The Result

Tharsus maintained the external look and feel of the concept design, and completely re-engineered the internal structure to meet British Standards. A full FEA (Finite Element Analysis) structural analysis was carried out to ensure the product conformed to necessary standards before production started.

Project Management

Beyond the manufacture of the base structure, cladding and mechanisms, Tharsus also managed the full supply chain and system integration of the product as a whole. This involved taking customer supplied parts, procuring others, and incorporating them into the finished product. Tharsus also completed all assembly and interconnection wiring, and ran a full system check and calibration.

As with many of Tharsus’ projects, the “Iconic” product was despatched to BF Technology’s customer’s warehouse,  providing the final step in the reliable manufacturing partnership that Tharsus Group provides. BF Technology was very pleased with the finished product.

About Tharsus Group

Tharsus is a professional engineering group able to conceive, design, integrate and deliver physical solutions to a diverse range of customer specific projects, in the transport, telecom, defence, out of home advertising and construction sectors. Tharsus Group operates on a global basis with sales and sourcing presence as far afield as China and the USA.

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