Medical & Rehabilitation Overview

The advantages of partnering with Tharsus extends beyond our technical and manufacturing capabilities.

In the categories of product development and contract manufacture Tharsus’ reach and reputation is fundamental in driving the creation of game-changing products, improving speed and managing costs. We help our customers design robust supply chains, optimising the best combination of efficiency, flexibility and convenience.

By cutting through the complexity we enable customers to expand into new markets or scale into emerging markets. By leveraging our networks, customers can bring products closer to the point of demand, communicate more efficiently with suppliers, streamline product distribution and delivery, and manage costs.

Across our global supply chain, Tharsus designs and builds processes to the highest standards. With investments in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing principles, we ensure leading-edge quality throughout our design, supplier and manufacturing network.

Medical & Rehabilitation Having developed an extensive global network of proven and trusted suppliers; we have first hand experience at tapping into our existing supply chain to meet your aggressive product price points; leveraging economies of scale and off-shored components to ensure the strategic bandwidth of the supply chain is achievable as your production scales.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

Product Development Product Management Product Manufacture Whether you’ve never taken a product to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience Tharsus can help!

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