Latest News ITM Announce partnership with Tharsus to City Investors

February 17th 2011

Tharsus the investor-friendly manufacturing partner!

In its recent interim report AIM listed ITM Power has credited Tharsus for speeding up the development of their market ready products including HPAc, HBox and HBox PV which is ITM’s exciting new solar powered hydrogen generating unit – this is a true green energy product.

ITM Announce partnership with Tharsus to City Investors

Simon Bourne technical director of ITM said “Key to achieving a marketable product has been the continuous improvement applied to the products for performance, cost and manufacturability.  Our engineering and manufacturing partnership with Tharsus has seen them assist in the development of a commercial product and in increasing our capability to respond to larger order volumes”

Brian Palmer ceo of Tharsus added “The importance of an effective production partner in emerging tech markets should be high on any investor’s agenda.  ITM knows our engineering history and experience in new product development can simply give them a better product they can get to market quicker.

Project overheads decrease with our mass production facility in place, not least in ensuring investors are assured that no further funds will be needed to kit out a production plant if it explodes into thousands of orders”

“Taking a product from proof of concept into a marketplace – quickly and within budget is vital to provide return for its investors.  Being able to work hands-on as manufacturing partner on the commercialisation phase is a unique place to be, and a very attractive benefit for the financial team in any new technology venture”

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