Latest Insights A reputation for resolving complex engineering challenges

We’ve developed a reputation with our customers for resolving the engineering challenges that sit outside their core expertise.

Although we work with a broad range of products and technologies, we often see common engineering challenges and themes running through the development and integration process.

A reputation for resolving complex engineering challenges

Whilst this allows us to transfer knowledge and techniques from one project to another, the natural inquisitiveness and tenacity of our design team yields results when there is no precedent and when specific engineering challenges are preventing customers from moving forward and bringing their product to market.

In the case of ITM, we’re presented with an unresolved thermal management issue – it was essential that the unit retained heat or shed heat when required; both with no energy consumption.

In the words of the customer – a PhD qualified engineer working in the field of hi-tech renewables – it was something that ‘I was convinced that you’d never get this to work!’

A return to engineering first principles by our Technical Director, Dave Swan, result in the solution.

Other customers such as Ekko Waste acknowledge that we bring a fresh perspective and add a dimension that the don’t have within their business, ‘There were a number of engineering challenges with our original prototype that we weren’t in a position to resolve particularly around user safety, operational interlocking and ergonomics.’

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