Latest Insights Range of new projects demonstrates flexible manufacturing.

Customers benefit from the depth and breadth of flexible manufacturing knowledge and skills across the Tharsus team

Range of new projects demonstrates flexible manufacturing.

Recent contract wins provide a clear reflection of the versatility and flexible manufacturing capability of both Tharsus and the innovative OEDM (original equipment design and manufacture) service that has seen the business evolve from its roots as a traditional sheet metal basher.

The projects range from a ground-breaking energy storage solution for cleantech firm REDT through to a sophisticated vehicle arrest system and high specification welded ROV chassis.

Dedicated manufacturing cells have been established and made possible thanks to the inherent flexibility of the Cowley Road facility.

They sit alongside existing cells which house the production of the Tharsus designed parts washers and wipestations for Safetykleen and Rapiscan’s next generation of baggage scanner.

Development of a prototype mule for Weeding Tech’s amenity system has progressed well and it’s anticipated that following rigorous testing it will make the move onto the flexible manufacturing floor on schedule.

With all of these exciting projects stretching their expertise, there’s little doubt that engineers at Tharsus are benefiting greatly from the experience gained developing everything from a glass crushing unit, EV charging points and a next generation industrial vending system.

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