Latest Insights Pioneers in the original equipment design and manufacture sector

Our Original Equipment Design and Manufacturing (OEDM) service is an evolution of the traditional contract manufacturing model. We make your products – better.

Pioneers in the original equipment design and manufacture sector

In developing a variety of different customer products for manufacture, engineers at Tharsus can tap into experience gained as the business has evolved over the last decade.

The transformation from back street sheet metal basher to leader in the original equipment design and manufacture sector has taken just ten years.

End-to-end capabilities

Resolving challenges and making improvements has always been central to the approach at Tharsus, and as a result the team has developed end-to-end capabilities backed with manufacturing know-how that apply to components, sub-assemblies and fully finished product alike.

Along the way, Tharsus has developed cabling systems for BT’s 21CN project and a range of digital advertising light-boxes.


Flexibility is fundamental to original equipment design and manufacture

Flexibility is key for a successful OEDM company; capable of transferring knowledge from one project and product to another (across non-conflicting sectors – sector exclusivity is fundamental in OEDM), and getting involved at any stage of the product lifecycle from initial concept to market entry and revitalisation to maximise investment value.

This flexibility is mirrored by the modern cell-based factory environment which can be configured to meet the varying requirements of customers as market demand fluctuates.

However, it’s also matched by robust systems and processes that are essential in such a dynamic environment and have been acknowledged by the judges of the Cranfield Best Factory award.

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