Latest Insights New market leading product engineered with a cost reduction of 25%

A new entrant to the European parts washing market was starting to take sales from Safetykleen’s Jetkleen product.

In order to mitigate the threat to their business, Safetykleen commissioned Tharsus to develop a new Jetkleen with the challenge of achieving a cost reduction of 25% at the same time as improving both performance and reliability.

New market leading product engineered with a cost reduction of 25%

Close collaboration

The first step was to work in close collaboration to develop an optimal product specification.

It was essential that the specification clearly identified and prioritised all of the key sales conversion and commercial targets.

At the end of this process we captured and agreed the key principles of the new machine in a clear, single sheet master document, along with an accompanying brief to detail relevant compliance standards and performance specifications and targets.

Aggressive cost reduction targets

To achieve the aggressive cost reduction targets, we came up with clever solutions to a number of fundamental challenges.

Unnecessary complexity has been removed and waste minimised with form following function whilst investment has been made in higher quality and more robust fundamental system components.

Not only did we achieve the product and production targets but, more importantly, the new Jetkleen had resulted in sales that have greatly surpassed Safetykleen’s expectations.

Conversion rate for the new Jetkleen is 3 times greater than any other product and as a result it has effectively removed the new entrant from the marketplace.

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