Latest Insights Late customisation – Volume manufacture of bespoke requirements

For many, the appeal of low-cost Volume Manufacture facilities in emerging economies is too great to resist.

Thankfully for UK based manufacturers the trend is reversing and it’s reversing for reasons that make good business sense.

Late customisation – Volume manufacture of bespoke requirements

Being in a position to respond to customer specific needs, especially in an era when expectations are increasing and timescales reducing, can be the key to creating successful competitive advantage.

By providing a genuinely flexible manufacturing service closer to the point of use, we allow our customers to greatly reduce their inventory and the amount of capital tied up in stock.

Our modular approach to design ensures that customisation has minimal impact on volume production.

For 3M’s library kiosk we’re able to accommodate a range of customer preferences including an illuminated RFID reader, territory specific payment systems, colour and graphic variations.

Country specific requirements including electrical fittings, labelling and a number of subtle differences to the mechanical specification allow Safetykleen to manage variable volume requirements across their European territories.

In the case of Propeller GB’s Pro Vyda, each unit is configured to meet the precise needs of the customer, bringing together a range of modular elements.

Most importantly, the manufacturing team at Tharsus are highly skilled in transferring from one project to another, whilst robust systems facilitate flexibility at the same time as maintaining quality.

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