Latest Insights IP Development for our customers – creating valuable differentiation

It’s acknowledged that intellectual property or IP Development can create significant differentiation.

We firmly believe that the better we make our customers’ products, the better the results we’ll both achieve.

IP Development for our customers – creating valuable differentiation

Whilst our customers typically develop the core concepts behind the products we make for them, we’re confident that we can contribute value through innovation.

Thanks to the ingenuity of our talented team, we’ve developed technologies and IP that sit at the heart of our customers’ patents.

Developing IP for Propellor GB

Technical Director Dave Swan came up with the control mechanism that makes Propeller GB’s Pro-Vyda work and sits at the heart of the patent application filed successfully by the inventory management systems specialist’s Technology Director Jon Elwell.

It’s a technology that we’d never have come up with had we not been working with Propeller, so we were more than happy to assign legal ownership of the intellectual property and all associated rights have been assigned to the customer.

Tharsus have also developed technology that is currently part of a patent application submitted by fast growing glass recycling expert Ekko Waste.

Our reward for IP Development is exclusive long-term manufacturing agreements and the fruitful relationship that results from working in partnership to bring an outstanding product to market.

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