Latest Insights Evolution or Revolution? Choosing the right route for your product.

Product lifecycles are getting shorter but that doesn’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul unless there’s a genuinely compelling reason.

The key is understanding what is driving demand for change and the implications for component design, integration and manufacturing process.

Evolution or Revolution? Choosing the right route for your product.

Product Evolution

In the case of the 3M library kiosk, we evolved the product to accept a range of different payment methods, adding new components with only minor alteration to the physical structure or appearance.

Whilst new electronics, wiring and programming were required, the integration of payment technologies was achieved with minimal impact on production processes.

For Chargepoint Services we built in 3G, GPRS and wireless technology to replace the existing cabled version with virtually no external change.

Complete Re-design

At the other end of the spectrum, the fundamentals of Safetykleen’s Jetkleen changed with only the footprint remaining from the original product.

Tharsus was selected by Safetykleen following a global tender process to transform the product and it became clear that nothing short of revolution was required to turn around a product that was under threat from a new entrant to the parts washing market.

The architecture for the Jetkleen’s fluid handling system was completely redesigned, new robust components identified, the supply chain overhauled and efficient manufacturing methods introduced.

The result was a revolution in sales performance.

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