Latest Insights Developing innovation in energy & renewables – Focus on Cleantech

From renewables and energy generation and storage to recycling, waste management, agriculture and grid efficiency, the challenges faced by businesses in bringing products and service to market are common to all.

Developing innovation in energy & renewables – Focus on Cleantech

Cleantech Equipment

According to leading analysts and advisors, companies developing technologies in the cleantech sector need to focus on their core business and outsource everything else.

And when there’s cleantech equipment or a product to be manufactured, that’s where Tharsus come in.

Whilst the opportunities are numerous and the potential returns significant, the process of identifying and opening up the most productive routes to market require substantial resources, and experience suggests that our customers need to remain focused on key priorities.

Our involvement with customers developing new, and typically disruptive, technologies falls broadly into three areas.

Product Development and Manufacturing Strategy

For ITM, having built an in-depth understanding of their innovative hydrogen electrolysis process, we’ve taken on full responsibility for the engineering fundamentals and system integration required to move from proof-of-concept to fully resolved products. The production-ready units developed for ITM provide credibility with both their investors and their customers. Long-term manufacturing agreements underpin the development process.

Glass recycling specialists, Ekko Waste turned to Tharsus for the engineering expertise required to resolve a number of safety and resilience issues with their initial prototype in order to translate an excellent concept into a finished product. As demand for their glass crusher builds, manufacturing capacity is in place to accommodate the volumes required on an on-going basis.

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