Latest Insights MPU Assembly – Demonstrating our sheet metal capabilities.

Our capabilities in sheet metal allowed us to make a valuable contribution to the MPU assembly, complimenting Pearson’s strengths in product innovation, fundamental system design and heavy fabrication.

MPU Assembly – Demonstrating our sheet metal capabilities.

Pearson Engineering develops combat engineer systems and equipment to meet the needs of both British and foreign armed forces. Their particular expertise is the development and supply of specialised countermine, counter IED and combat engineering equipment for armoured fighting vehicles.

Demonstrating our Sheet Metal Capabilities – The MPU assembly or Motor Pump Unit is an auxiliary hydraulic power supply to allow the latest generation mine roller systems to be operated when the unit is stationary or if the primary power system were to fail.

Originally the housing unit was a multiple part fabrication with 5 or 6 elements requiring coded welding with 100% magnetic particle inspection. We were able to recommend modifications to the design altering to a single cover without welds.

We introduced automatic testing to 280 bar and each major component of the MPU Assembly was uniquely numbered and barcoded to ensure traceability in the event of field repairs.

Pearson required completion within tight timescales and we achieved exceptional delivery performance.

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