Latest Insights Creating a complete new tech product range for ITM Power

Increasingly, businesses like ITM Power are developing core technologies with the potential for multiple applications.

For the last 3 years, Tharsus has worked with ITM Power to develop the systems that sit around and support their leading-edge hydrogen electrolysis process.

Creating a complete new tech product range for ITM Power

As new markets emerge, it’s essential for businesses like ITM Power with disruptive technologies to focus on their opportunities, developing a new tech product range to respond quickly and effectively to the conditions that will ultimately determine their success.

Utilising a number of standard building blocks has not only allowed us to create a ‘family’ feel across the product range but also creates a starting point for each new product.

We’ve designed process architecture to be repeatable and the logic behind one product informs the logic of others in the range.

We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the core technology and applying predefined principles saves significant time and resources in the development process.

Developing a family feel for ITM Power

From a practical perspective the physical and mechanical elements of each product such as covers, fittings and switches are consistent, creating a familiar feel and making operation more straightforward for the customers and their users.

It allows us to exploit efficiencies in both supply chain and manufacturing process that are only possible through a genuinely transparent partnership arrangement.

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