Latest Insights Collaborative approach for REDT wins Isle of Gigha project.

Tharsus develop modular solution to transform REDT’s innovative vanadium redox battery in to reality

REDT’s energy storage systems offer exciting possibilities for the future of renewable energy from small scale applications to utility-scale grid-stability.

Collaborative approach for REDT wins Isle of Gigha project.

Having perfected cell stack design, REDT turned to Tharsus for the manufacturing expertise required to develop a fully resolved product.

The design and development team at Tharsus combined experience from similar previous cleantech projects with the ability to apply thinking and technology beyond the scope of their existing knowledge.

The result of the unique collaborative approach is that REDT’s technology has been selected by DECC to be part of the groundbreaking Isle of Gigha project.

As part of the collaboration, Tharsus hosted visits from DECC officials on behalf of REDT to demonstrate both the technology and also the manufacturing capability and capacity required to move the product from concept to reality.

Tharsus’ design input has been critical in developing a modular solution that will work for larger applications but can also be scaled down as required.

The contract won by REDT is part of the second phase of a £17 million energy storage competition launched in Oct 2012 by DECC3.

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