Latest Insights Aligning our goals with the strategic aims of our customers.

A key part of our process is to understand our customers’ business model, operation and what success will look like, aligning our goals to ensure address the question “what can we do to increase their chances of success?”

Aligning our goals with the strategic aims of our customers.

Whether we’re involved in a project from initial concept or we inherit an existing BOM, our aim is always to look for opportunities to improve overall design, component specification or manufacturing process to support our customers in achieving their goals.

Our revenues are derived from manufacturing, so if a product is well-received in the market that will drive volumes – as with Safetykleen’s Jetkleen.

With the Ekko glass crusher, a product that we’ve developed from their early prototypes, it’s in our interest to ensure that the unit meets all of the end user requirements at the same time as accelerating the time to bring the product to market. It’s only at this point that manufacturing volumes kick in and the potential of the product can be realised.

Aligning our goals is an approach that stands us apart from the traditional design house / contract manufacturing approach, and it avoids the potential for projects to stall unnecessarily.

Having a vested interest in the success of our customers’ businesses is the ideal way to ensure a win-win relationship.

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