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We have experts in every programming language needed to make products perform at the highest level.

We’re at the forefront of the tech revolution and we consistently push the boundaries of our programming capabilities.  Our most recent projects are evidence of this; all displaying requirements to perform complex yet highly organised functions.

Some of The Programming Languages we Use;

Low Level Embedded C – Warehouse Distribution Management Framework,  – Languages specific to embedded systems with dedicated functions within a larger mechanical/ electrical system, often with real time computing constraints. The key characteristic being that it’s dedicated to handle a particular task – design engineers can optimise it to reduce the size and cost of the product and increase reliability and performance.

C/C++ (Microprocessor Languages) – Glass Crusher, Safety-Kleen ‘WiperStation’  – free-form/ general-purpose languages providing imperative, object-orientated and generic programming features.

PLC (GUI) Programming – WeedingTech, State-Logic – high level programming language based on state transition diagrams as a model of reality thus using the fundamentals of finite-state machine theory as the derivative of the language.

PHP – Website Design – Server Side Script language designed for web development but we also use it for general purpose programming – Web controllers etc…

Programming Languages Our Electronic capability embodies the overall system architecture of your product along with intricate sub-system design.

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