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Our team of highly skilled design engineers and experienced project managers work closely with our  manufacturing team to ensure the best manufacturing and assembly practices.

We have everything you need in house at Tharsus to ensure you get the best possible product to the market.

We are always up for a challenge and we’re happy to look at a product development project whatever its current stage. We listen carefully to understand your product history, current status and future aims and from this we can suggest appropriate design and development steps.  Because we have everything your project needs in house at Tharsus, from design engineering to prototyping to manufacture, we can ensure risk is minimised and confidentiality is ensured.

We combine strict processes with entrepreneurial flair to deliver the best outcomes possible.  Because we aim to provide a manufacturing service as well as the design side of things, it is a key target for us that your product is successful not only in terms of volume of sales but also in terms of design and manufacturing viability.

Product Development Outsourcing Among our comprehensive set of services, we offer design for manufacture, new product introduction, system development, testing and process automation. Our development services are your competitive advantage as your product speeds towards a successful market launch.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

Product Design Embedded Systems Test and Certification Whether you’ve never taken a product to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience Tharsus can help!

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