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We Create Tailor-made Production Teams and Scalable Environments Unique to your Product

Tharsus’ custom contract manufacturing solution embodies everything from product engineering, batch manufacturing, packaging, logistics and distribution.

We align your project with a versatile Tharsus production team driven by product perfection and on time delivery. Our manufacturing capability is an integrated platform that ensures our teams are aligned behind one common product vision – to become specialists at making your product repeatably, reliably and with commercial confidence.

The fully equipped, state-of-the art production facility we have developed is set out around a principle of “minimal hard points”; a similar proven ethos that Mclaren Automotive use. This modern approach enables us to create a tailor-made, lean contract-manufacturing resource that you can call your own; accommodating both batch production and full volume manufacture depending on your exact product requirements.

Contract Manufacture Your product requires a manufacturing partner that has a vested interest in it’s commercial success; not one that’s going to stunt its growth with poor scaling infrastructure or by applying tremendous amounts of pressure not having the right specialist capability and communication ethics.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

Product Management Product Development Whether you’ve never taken a product to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience Tharsus can help!

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