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Our welding capability is world-class.

Coded welding is a broad term that refers to the external verification of high integrity processes required to meet the demanding requirements of industries such as defence, transport, offshore and subsea.

Our sister company Universal Wolf offers a range of welding capabilities that are externally approved by Lloyd’s Testing, and these include both MIG and TIG techniques in aluminium, armoured steel and stainless steel. The scope of welding processes is extremely wide and coding can be determined by weld type,  material type, material dimension, weld geometry and application.

With CSWIP qualified inspectors Universal Wolf’s own welding engineers, write their own procedures and ensure that each welder is fully approved and refreshed on a bi-annual basis. At around 6m x 2.3m x 2.5m, an enclosure recently fabricated by Universal Wolf for Applied Superconductor is one of the largest units ever produced at the Spencer Road, Blyth site.

Coded Welding We’ve worked with many of the major players in defence and transport, and recently completed the first batch of ROV chassis for subsea engineering specialists SMD developing purpose-built jigs to ensure consistency.

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