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We can scale production up or down in line with demand.

Our facility has no fixed hard-points, so manufacturing cells can be configured quickly and efficiently to accommodate the varying needs of an eclectic mix of customers with products from an industrial vending system, a weed control system, a market leading parts washer and a glass recycling unit through to a hydrogen generator based on innovative electrolysis technology.

At Tharsus, our flexible manufacturing facility is purpose-built for the batch manufacturing of industrial equipment. Tharsus’ batch manufacturing approach is ideal for customers who are bringing new products to the market, whether they are established businesses or new start-ups.

For establish businesses, new products may not fit into the existing manufacturing set-up, the introduction may be disruptive or capacity may simply not be available.

For new start-ups, the cost and risks of setting up a production facility are prohibitive and don’t make commercial sense. Rather than investing in new facilities, it allows them to free up resources to focus on development their markets and other key priorities.

Coupled with Tharsus’ capability in product development and prototyping, batch manufacturing techniques also deliver significant benefit in terms of refining and iterating new versions. The approach also addresses the challenges presented by the shorter product life-cycles prevalent in developed economies such as the UK and Europe, and it provides customers with the capacity and capability to respond in a fleet-footed manner to changing market dynamics, offering late customisation as required.

Batch Manufacturing Tharsus has the capability to handle large scale, highly complex operations that other manufacturers cannot!

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

Contract Manufacture Manufacturing Ops Product Fulfilment Whether you’ve never taken a product to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience Tharsus can help!

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