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Got a prototype? We’ve got a road-map that gets you from prototype to production along the most expedient path.

If you have a prototype, you’re now looking at how you can best productionise and scale-up your creation in a way that builds on all of the knowledge that you’ve generated and remains true to the commercial opportunity you’ve pinpointed. You’re looking for a safe pair of hands.

Starting the process the right way means getting up to speed as quickly as possible.

Tharsus’ Commercial and Solutions Architecture teams are specialists at extracting all of the information required to move your prototype onto the next stage. Prototypes come to Tharsus in many different forms, some more advanced and sophisticated than others. Regardless, we always begin by casting a critical eye over the design to ensure the product’s current form is suited to large scale manufacture.


We’ve got a road-map that gets you from prototype to production along the most expedient path.

Creating your product’s perfect manufacturing cell

Next our strategic supply chain can start work on your Bill of Materials, if you have one. If not, we can work with your teams on a procurement exercise to get this in place. An established Bill of Materials tells us how we can secure and maintain the commercial viability of the product.

Then our pilot manufacturing team takes control, creating your product’s perfect manufacturing cell and bringing your product onto our shop floor – standardising the build process and ironing out any immediate issues. From there we work to your plan, batch/ volume manufacturing your product in line with demand. Beyond the commercialisation of the prototype our teams will now be thinking about capturing live operational data and the next iteration of the product, how we can improve it even further in the future.

Pretty straight forward right? To take a prototype to full production requires absolute transparency (both ways), and because we are both focused on success, this can sometimes require some heart-felt conversations and the occasional awkward moment. One thing we can assure you though, the end result is always better for it.

At Tharsus we really enjoy commercialising prototypes, because the people behind them have the same drive – and love for new products and technology – as we do. And we enjoy working with like-minded people.

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