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Have you got an idea for a robotic or machine technology productand want to make it a commercial reality?

Bringing your idea to life by creating a product and bringing it to market is never an easy process, but, done right, it can be incredibly rewarding in many different ways!

Every product’s journey is, and always will be, completely unique. There is no single defined route when navigating the path from thought to creation and the achievement of commercial success. Instead, that success is dependent on finding the right partners who have travelled this complex landscape before and have experienced first-hand the many different pitfalls that can obstruct the creation of the most lucrative products. A partner that already knows what warning signs to look out for at every stage of the process and what questions to ask along the way.


We can help you turn your idea for a robotic or machine technology product into a commercial reality

Choose Tharsus

When you choose Tharsus as your co-pilot on this journey you have the best possible navigator on your side. We will guide you along the twisting, sometimes bumpy path of product realisation, from fully defining that initial idea all the way to volume production. We will ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls in the process, we will help you to succeed faster and all the time you will be able to focus on your core business with complete peace of mind.

In our experience, creating products that generate a commercial impact is about balancing three factors; speed-to-market, cost and performance. We help our clients find a commercially optimised solution, allowing them to get a minimal viable product to market in the most expedient manner possible.

We’ve been down this road many times before, so we know exactly what it takes to deliver successful new products to market.

We’re passionate about technology and new product ideas, we’d love to hear yours!

What does the journey look like from idea to commercial reality?

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