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Transparent, results driven, on-demand manufacturing.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a manufacturing facility that you could call your own without all of the hassle that comes with it? One where you’re only paying for what you manufacture. No hefty overheads, staffing costs, capex expenditure etc.….

Well…. With Tharsus you can.

We can provide a fully flexible base for your product that expands and contracts in line with demand, turning what is typically a commercially burdensome fixed cost into an easy to manage, fully flexible and responsive one.

We can build to specification, if that is what’s required, but we can also support you in optimising your product’s design for manufacture. Expect us to ask questions and propose better ways of doing things (if there are any). It’s in our nature to do what’s right by your product and maximise the commercial opportunity you have identified.

Every client requires something different from a manufacturing partner. Usually our engagement always begins with a design review (to spot the glaringly obvious) and strategic supply chain procurement exercise (to use our power as an established manufacturer to leverage your existing supply chain and complement it with ours).


We provide transparent results driven, on-demand manufacturing

Production plans, SOP’s and quality plans

From there we create production plans, SOP’s and quality plans unique to your product. Then, we kick start our pilot manufacturing team, introducing your product onto our shop floor, standardising the build process and ironing out any immediate issues. From there we will work to your plan, batch/ volume manufacturing your product in line with demand.

Manufacturing machine technology and robotic products on behalf of other people is our game. If you were thinking about setting up your own manufacturing facility and are exploring all the alternative options, are looking to change manufacturing partner or find a whole new one, get in touch, so we can show you what life looks like partnering with Tharsus.

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