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From start-ups to blue-chips, Tharsus creates and manufactures products for some of the UK’s most innovative organisations; taking responsibility for the products’ entire journey

We're passionate about technology and new product ideas

Bringing your idea to life by creating a product and bringing it to market is never an easy process, but, done right, it can be incredibly rewarding in many different ways!

In our experience, creating products that generate a commercial impact is about balancing three factors; speed-to-market, cost and performance. We help our clients find a commercially optimised solution, allowing them to get a minimal viable product to market in the most expedient manner possible.

Product idea

Starting the process the right way means getting up to speed as quickly as possible

Tharsus’ Commercial and Solutions Architecture teams are specialists at extracting all of the information required to move your prototype onto the next stage. Prototypes come to Tharsus in many different forms, some more advanced and sophisticated than others. Regardless, we always begin by casting a critical eye over the design to ensure the product’s current form is suited to large scale manufacture.


Building to specification and optimising design for manufacture

We can provide a fully flexible base for your product that expands and contracts in line with demand, turning what is typically a commercially burdensome fixed cost into an easy to manage, fully flexible and responsive one.

We can build to specification, if that is what’s required, but we can also support you in optimising your product’s design for manufacture. Expect us to ask questions and propose better ways of doing things (if there are any). It’s in our nature to do what’s right by your product and maximise the commercial opportunity you have identified.


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