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Meet the MW Unit.

Herbicide-free weed control specialist Weeding Technologies originally approached Tharsus to manufacture a new weed control system known as the MW-Series for the amenity and utility markets. The result of the collaboration resulted in the award-winning MW-Series unit; an entirely chemical-free system for controlling the growth and spread of weeds.

A Smart, Connected Product Delivering Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Weedingtech’s own unique intellectual property in weed control is a highly effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional weed control methods and potentially harmful herbicides. Weedingtech’s market proposition, combined with an outward facing team, along with the ambition and drive to get a unique and highly disruptive solution into a receptive market was in place before approaching Tharsus.

What Weedingtech required was the manufacturing capability and technical support that Tharsus could provide to get the MW-Series to market and satisfy high customer demand.

Approaching Tharsus was the logical step given their technical and manufacturing capabilities in the market.

The MW-Series had a fixed launch date in Spring and given seasonal requirements of the market, Tharsus worked very fast to reimagine the MW-Series, embracing the most up-to-date technologies to help create an upgraded, superior version. The creation of the product required some core technology evolution in order to deliver the unique performance requirements associated with speed of use whilst maintaining efficacy.

Over-coming theChallenges.

During the development process, an electronic burner control system was refined by Tharsus to manage boiler heat and control the flow of water. For the product to work successfully, high provision temperature control had to be guaranteed because heat is a vital element of the process.

Weedingtech’s Foamstream technology kills weeds using a precise combination of hot water and biodegradable foam, working together to destroy the plant. The heat in the water raises the plants temperature to above survivable temperatures. The foam’s density prevents it from blowing away or being washed off by rain allowing it to keep an effective ‘thermal blanket’ on the weed, ensuring it is overheated long enough to kill it completely, along with any seeds and spores it may emit.

One of the challenges was ensuring the foam was hot and did not cool too quickly once exposed to the atmosphere, especially when the product would be repeatedly turned on and off. The collaboration with Tharsus created a solution that enabled the water to be heated in two successive stages – firstly to an intermediate temperature and then to a final high temperature. Tharsus’ temperature sensitive control valve ensured that water was only supplied to the hoses when at the desired temperature. If the water was not at the ambient temperature, it was recirculated to the storage tank until it reached it, upon which the control valve would open and the hot water was supplied to the hoses and mixed with the foam.

Award WinningHerbicide Free Weeding System.

Weedingtech is enjoying rapid growth since 2015 and its global presence is increasing every day. Weedingtech now caters to hundreds of different clients around the world, from the UK and Europe to Canada, and the United States of America.

This rapid business growth has facilitated the essential broadening of internal skills and capabilities that successful ongoing product ownership requires.

A Commercially FocusedSolution.

The collaborative relationship between Tharsus and Weedingtech has allowed the product to develop and for Weedingtech to gain a foothold in the herbicide-free weed control markets in Europe and North America.

Tharsus is proud to have been a part of the company’s incredible journey.

What the client had to say...

“We are thrilled to share this award with our exceptional manufacturing partner Tharsus. We trust that this is the first of many momentous milestones, as together we continue to work towards the realisation of a herbicide-free environment.”

Tom Hamilton, Weedingtech
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