SafetyKleen – Wipes Station

Meet the Wipes Station

On the back of the successful redevelopment and relaunch of the M190 Jetkleen, Safetykleen approached Tharsus to create a brand new product – the Wipestation.

A significant opportunity had been identified in the marketplace, and we created the brand new product, from scratch, to address a newly established branch of Safety-kleen’s business model.

The WipeStation allows customers to manage the use of their industrial wipes with SafetyKleen providing a complete end-to-end service to ensure compliance with waste management regulations.

A Time to Market Challenge.

Speed to market was a critical factor and the WipeStation was designed, prototyped and the first product manufactured in less than 3 months.

The pace of the development was not the only challenge as size restrictions dictated by logistics requirements and ambitious cost targets played a major role in determining structural design, materials selection and manufacturing methods.

An Account ManagementSuccess Story.

By establishing a high level specification and a clear understanding of all of the key variables, we met all of the initial targets and also identified a number of areas for further development and improvement that will add value for Safetykleen and their sell into customers.

We continue to achieve 100% performance against delivery requirements with WipeStation units being shipped across Safetykleen’s Europe-wide marketplace.

What the client had to say...

Trust is just about the most important thing there is and one of the reasons why we went with Tharsus …I work with my suppliers, I trust my suppliers, We have open working relationships with suppliers. If you dont have that, we cant basically progress the product anywhere near as well is what we could do.

Safetykleen – Wipes Station Project Lead
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