Safetykleen – Wipes Counter

Meet the Wipes Counter

Creating a highly aesthetic product that supports a newly established business strategy

The Brief: To design, build and manufacture a product that allowed subscribers of Safety-kleens newly established service offering to accurately summate the number of service wipes they were processing for laundry.

A Smart ProductSupporting a Newly Established Business Model Stream.

With a wide open brief our development team were able to get really creative – using low level micro-processors and bundles of C++ coding  to produce a solution that was both cost effective and highly tech driven.

The real Challenge lay with the unprecedented nature of the problem outset; how to count material objects with absolute accuracy using a mechanical user interface.

An Embedded Tech FocusedSolution.

Utilising our newly established embedded tech team, we were able to undergo full system design activities – drastically simplifying the technology supporting the product into a concise IP strengthening package that provided a stable platform to develop upon.

Keeping in context with Safety-kleen’s product range look and feel, our product design teams did a really good job of making a fully resolved product that is not only fit for purpose but looks very aesthetic in situ.

What the client had to say...

Tharsus are revolutionary, they have the capability to very rapidly understand what it is you’re trying to do – pick the ball up and run with it.

Safetykleen – Wipes Counter Project Lead
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