ITM – HBox PV Solar

Meet the HBox PV Solar

ITM specialise in electrolyses and hydrogen fuel cell technology; the HBox PV Solar was specifically designed to support this model, employing electrolyses stack technology to generate hydrogen when there is no access to grid or mains electricity.

AIM listed ITM Power; Designers and manufacturers of hydrogen energy systems for energy storage and clean fuel production.

A System DesignChallenge.

ITM Power presented the team at Tharsus with a number of unresolved, complex technical challenges.

The electrolysis process needs to operate within a specific temperature range making thermal management of the unit critical, retaining heat during hours of darkness and expelling excess heat at midday; both with no energy consumption.

We carried out a full end to end project for ITM, going back to engineering first principles to research and identify an effective heat transfer solution.

A Knowledge BasedSolution.

A test mule of the HBox PV was designed, built and operated in order to establish the correct configuration.

We also took on full responsibility for the aesthetic design of the final product.

  • Full aesthetic design responsibility
  • Mule built and experimental data gathered
  • Prototypes manufactured
  • Results exceeded customers expectations

What the client had to say...

Now, if we were to go out to build in the Far East, would I have the level of trust as I do at Tharsus? and the answer is absolutely not, because the other manufacturing companies out there are only interested in cash. They’ve got no interest in, you know, furthering our business, apart from just generating cash…Tharsus are different, they are an extension of our business; and the better job they can do, the more products we sell, the more business they get…

ITM – PVBox Project Lead
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