ITM – H-Flame

Meet the HFlame

Something of a departure from their core renewable energy market, the ITM H-Flame focuses on the use of hydrogen for the brazing process.

A Different approach to MIG welding.

With applications across industries as diverse as refrigeration, air conditioning, ship building, rail stock, car repairs, jewellery, dental technology and polishing, ITM’s technology in this area has the potential to bring major safety improvements by reducing both the risk of accidents and the cost of insuring operators, buildings and transportation vehicles.

The package size and system designchallenge.

The primary challenge for Tharsus was around the size of the unit, and the need to make it transportable.

For a product aimed at a mainly industrial marketplace, we needed to balance the aesthetics so that the ITM HFlame doesn’t look too scientific but equally is clearly differentiated from a standard MIG welding kit.

A ground-up focused solution.

  • As a gravity-fed system it was essential for our engineering team to understand the relationship between all of the critical internal components in order to be able to achieve a significant reduction in height from ITM’s original prototype.
  • The ITM HFlame also carries through the family feel established from the design of the HBox and HPac.

What the client had to say...

The most important thing for us was finding a partner that had the capability of actually designing and producing our product in line with demand, using their skills which are way beyond what we are capable of here in terms of the components to go into this thing and how we can improve it…leveraging our partnership with a view to being able to repeat the production approach for additional systems, and of course looking for ways of reducing cost.

ITM – H-Flame Project Lead
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