Ekko Waste – Glass Crusher

Meet the Glasscrusher

The glass recycling expert specialising in the crushing and intelligent collection of glass bottle waste.

A Robust and Reliable Machine Delivering Savings of up to 80%.

The Ekko GlassCrusher is a self-contained mains powered product designed to crush empty glass bottles into small, safe and easily recycled glass ‘cullet’.

Created in collaboration with the glass recycling industry the design combines the space and safety requirements of the hospitality sector with the glass specification and contamination requirements of glass processors and recyclers.

Developed by Tharsus Group for Ekko Waste Solutions, the robust and reliable machine forms part of an innovative service business model designed to reduce glass storage space, logistics related CO2 and congestion by up to 80%.

The Award Winning ‘Super-Cullet’ Producer Driven by Environmental Legislation.

The Super Cullet produced by these machines has been collected and analysed by Viridor where it was found that 93.8% of the glass waste could be optically separated (into individual colours) and used in glass re-melt.

With the growing legislative demand for commercial waste to be separated at source the market for this product is growing at both National and International levels. To this end UKTI and Scottish Enterprise are actively assisting Ekko to explore and capitalise on these opportunities

The ReliabilityChallenge.

A key challenge in this space was to design a compact crusher that can produce a highly consistent cullet size, one of the 5 key ways Ekko could differentiate their offering and maximise value from the waste of their customers. Chamber shape, paddle profile and paddle speed have all been iterated several times to create a reliable cullet size for glass re-processors.

  • Develop Proof of Principle prototypes to support a variety of system designs.
  • Develop a wider, and better connected, supply chain around glass recycling.
  • Full ground up Development activities, Electronic System design activities and technology integration.
  • Create a highly consistent cullet size to maximise the end price per Tonne paid by glass re-processors.
  • Maximising the compaction ratio and processing speed of glass processing.

A Clean-tech focused solution.

  • A Commercial package and collaborative partnership – supporting ambitious growth goals inline with changing legislation.
  • Phased product introduction support, actively assisting Ekko capitalise on and explore UKTI and Scottish Enterprise opportunities.
  • A fully resolved, simple and elegant solution to a complex engineering challenge.
  • A first run of 20 products undergoing a robust in-field durability testing programme.
  • On-going product management and manufacturing support (i.e. increased capability to react quickly to design changes).
  •  A compact, upgradable and easily integratable system design.

What the client had to say...

“For our equipment to be recognised by the Rushlight Awards judges and to win the Resource Management Award 2014-15 is great achievement and of which we are immensely proud of our product and our development and manufacturing partners – Tharsus!”

Brian Williamson, Managing Director at Ekko
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