Biofresh – Ozone

Meet the Ozone Decontamination Unit

The ideal application for cleaning and disinfecting warehouses, cold rooms and containers before storage of fresh produce.

The Ozone portable decontamination unit offers an alternative to existing chemical treatment with the generation of ozone at high concentrations.

The unit is a self-contained, self-sufficient generator  creating ozone from the air within its environment, resulting in the elimination of harmful fungus and bacteria that affects the quality of fresh produce when in storage and transit.

The PerformanceChallange.

Strict performance requirements – A 40′ container to be disinfected in 4 hours, and a 1000m3 cold room in 48 hours.

  • No Detectable residue
  • Immediate access to treated area once decontamination process is complete.

A Clean-TechFocused Solution.

Tharsus and Bio-Freshs’ collaboration resulted in a fully resolved product that meets its strict performance criteria, providing an environment completely removed of ethylene, which is a ripening agent for stored fruit.

What the client had to say...

Biofresh – Ozone
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