Akerwade – Rapid Charge

Meet the Akerwade Rapid EV Charge

Akerwade Power Technologies are the fastest growing market leaders in fast charging and power conversion systems for electric lift trucks.

When initial manufacturing volumes are low yet aesthetics remain a high priority it can be difficult to balance the budget. The Rapid EV is a perfect example that this can be achieved.

Making the Impossible,Possible.

The challenge for Tharsus in transforming Aker Wade’s rapid EV charger from concept to reality was to take a creative designer’s automotive styling and engineer it for manufacture at low volume without the type of tooling typically required.

Many who we spoke to had said couldn’t be produced but we proved them wrong and the results speak for themselves.

A Form Vs FunctionSolution.

A tenacious approach was required to resolve a number of the EV charger’s key design elements including a fully safety certified and illuminated side panel made from curved glass complete with ventilation holes.

The development team made excellent use of 3D CAD, knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods and extensive research of the supply chain alternatives to achieve the perfect blend of form and function.

What the client had to say...

It’s something [IP rights] that has been mentioned upfront and negotiated. I mean, for instance we’ve spoken to a couple of German organisations that insist on owning the IP themselves, which is basically a nonstarter to any relationship as far as we’re concerned…Our company is based on the technology that we’ve developed, so it’s very key that we maintain control of that and that there is no risk of it being lost – Tharsus is the perfect partner in that repsect – they have no interest in our IP other than a desire to strengthen it – theyre in it for the long run.

Akerwade – Rapid Charge Project Lead
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