3M – Library Kiosk

Meet the 3M Library Kiosk

The 3M library kiosk includes a multiple-item checkout, check in and renew feature, easy to use interface and unique colour changing RFID ledge, customers can enjoy workflow and staff can be sure items are checked out and returned correctly.

A Core Part of 3M’s Business is Track and Trace Using RFID and the Kiosk Selfcheck System allows this Technology to be Applied in Libraries.

Originally, 3M approached Tharsus to supply metal work when the kiosk was at early prototype stage. However, we took the opportunity to identify and propose a number of potential enhancements to both the appearance and function of the product.

The Integratable Supply ChainChallenge.

We maintained the MDF side panels to allow customisation with colour and graphics but specified alternative materials to facilitate the manufacturing process.

A Design for ManufactureFocused Solution.

The aesthetics of the kiosk were improved by the design of a glass shelf with LED illumination and whilst the early versions of the unit allowed check-out / check-in only, later version were redeveloped to incorporate a range of payment options.

Tharsus not only supplied all metal components but also sourced and integrated all other technologies, assembling and testing the finished product.

The 3M library kiosk is a perfect example of integrating a core technology into a modular product design, offering flexible and efficient manufacturing with future development easily accommodated.

What the client had to say...

These guys are different, they will listen, they’ll soak up ideas where they can and that is very important.

3M Library Kiosk – Project Lead
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