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‘There’s plenty of companies that don’t have technical expertise of their own who have an idea and want a company to turn that into a product for them and then manufacture that product for them’

Biofresh – Ozone Project Manager

‘Most people we talked to get scared off, particularly as we utilise an electrolyte that is mostly comprised of sulphuric acid and Vanadium. Very few people are familiar with the technology, Tharsus were confident and accepted the challenge……Well mainly because they’ve got the design capability in house …’

Simon Bourne – Technology Director, ITM Power

“We are thrilled to share this award with our exceptional manufacturing partner Tharsus. We trust that this is the first of many momentous milestones, as together we continue to work towards the realisation of a herbicide-free environment.”

Tom Hamilton, Weedingtech

“For our equipment to be recognised by the Rushlight Awards judges and to win the Resource Management Award 2014-15 is great achievement and of which we are immensely proud of our product and our development and manufacturing partners – Tharsus!”

Brian Williamson, Managing Director at Ekko

Tharsus were a company who were reasonably like-minded and were prepared to take some of the risks with us; in that we may do some work together to come up with a product that we’ve both contributed to.

Propellor – Project Mananger

These guys are different, they will listen, they’ll soak up ideas where they can and that is very important.

3M Library Kiosk – Project Lead

So obviously when we came to talk to Tharsus, basically their technical background, their openness, their honesty, their trust and integrity is obviously paramount to us

Rapiscan TT110 – Project Lead

We were looking for a long-term relationship so we needed to be working with a company that has stability, financial stability, management stability and again, I think we’ve got a partner here that is in it for the long haul, and not looking at a short-term, quick buck and out.

Safetykleen Jetkleen – Project Lead

The thing with Tharsus are that they are a very rare breed. They have got design, manufacture, reliability, supply chain, business development, Theyre mechanical, Theyre Electrical, there’s a lot bundled up in there and for some people, and for some organisations, their honest approach and style may be a problem, but it really suits us.

Not Just Cleaning – Project manager

Quite a lot of the other people we went to were …It was just like “Tell us what you want and we’ll build it like that”, whereas Tharsus were always more, “What is it that you actually designing?” They shown a lot more interest in the actual background design of the product… Tharsus were looking to try to put their design expertise, trying to say well actually how can we make this easier to manufacture so you get more, you know, you can get more cost benefit out of it, but how does that influence the design etc…

BioFresh – Smart Pallet Project Manager

Now, if we were to go out to build in the Far East, would I have the level of trust as I do at Tharsus? and the answer is absolutely not, because the other manufacturing companies out there are only interested in cash. They’ve got no interest in, you know, furthering our business, apart from just generating cash…Tharsus are different, they are an extension of our business; and the better job they can do, the more products we sell, the more business they get…

ITM – PVBox Project Lead

It’s something [IP rights] that has been mentioned upfront and negotiated. I mean, for instance we’ve spoken to a couple of German organisations that insist on owning the IP themselves, which is basically a nonstarter to any relationship as far as we’re concerned…Our company is based on the technology that we’ve developed, so it’s very key that we maintain control of that and that there is no risk of it being lost – Tharsus is the perfect partner in that repsect – they have no interest in our IP other than a desire to strengthen it – theyre in it for the long run.

Akerwade – Rapid Charge Project Lead

They have an ability to call up quickly and a willingness to start at the earliest stage in the process when things aren’t fully baked. And I think that is something that makes Tharsus unique.

Iconic – Project Manager

What’s working very well is their innovation, but it’s innovation with a very heavy flavour of realism in it. So they never come to us with hare-brained ideas. You’ll get an abundance of shaping ideas from them, due to the nature of our business, we’ll challenge it, and we tend to challenge on …costs, supply chain, reliability and they’ll always have those answers because it’s in their blood.

BT 21CN – Project Lead

Trust is just about the most important thing there is and one of the reasons why we went with Tharsus …I work with my suppliers, I trust my suppliers, We have open working relationships with suppliers. If you dont have that, we cant basically progress the product anywhere near as well is what we could do.

Safetykleen – Wipes Station Project Lead

Tharsus are revolutionary, they have the capability to very rapidly understand what it is you’re trying to do – pick the ball up and run with it.

Safetykleen – Wipes Counter Project Lead

The most important thing for us was finding a partner that had the capability of actually designing and producing our product in line with demand, using their skills which are way beyond what we are capable of here in terms of the components to go into this thing and how we can improve it…leveraging our partnership with a view to being able to repeat the production approach for additional systems, and of course looking for ways of reducing cost.

ITM – H-Flame Project Lead

We knew that our vision for the Ocado Smart Platform was challenging from the outset.  We were aiming to transform the way we operate our own business and also to enable other retailers globally to transform the way they serve their customers.  The robot is one of the fundamental elements of our system and, in Tharsus, we’ve found a great partner to help us achieve our ambition.  They’ve worked as a core member of our team and provided great technical insight for the design, and a flexible manufacturing operation to deliver machines to our site.  Their support has been invaluable in us getting our first fulfilment centre operational last year.

Mark Richardson // Chief Operations officer

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